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East Nusa Penida is like a vacation within a vacation – step off the beautiful island of Bali and onto Nusa Penida, and you’ll encounter a less trampled Indonesian island steeped in beauty and deep cultural ties. If you’re looking for the best ways to experience this beautiful island, Nusa Penida tours are a must allow you to experience the sense of freedom that the island still retains with a knowledgeable, local guide who helps you experience local attractions with an understanding of the history! With breathtaking cliff-top views, emerald waters, and an authentic, laidback Balinese culture, a Nusa Penida vacation is a must for your bucket list.

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East Nusa Penida Tours is a program of the Panorama Nusa Penida Tour where the tour is focused on visiting tourist objects located in the eastern part of the island of Nusa Penida. The newly introduced tour has attracted a lot of attention among foreign and domestic tourists, where the attractions offered on the east Nusa Penida tour are very beautiful and natural. The tour starts when our driver picks up at the hotel in the morning and goes straight to the harbor on Sanur beach to take a Fastboat to Nusa Penida Island, take around 45 minutes to reach Nusa Penida islands, arriving at Nusa Penida you will be welcomed by our partner driver in Nusa Penida, the tour begins by visiting Atuh Beach, which is a beach with beautiful scenery with white sand and proceed to Diamond Beach, which is a beach that is no less beautiful than other beach, after that the tour continues to the tree house molenteng to see the beauty of the beach from the cliff at the tree house, then tour continue to local restaurant for having lunch that included in the east Nusa Penida package tour, after finish lunch, the Bali East Nusa Penida Tour continues to visit Teletubbies Hill, the hills that where the shape is similar to the hill in the teletubies film, after that we will go to the port of Nusa Penida to take a speed boat back to the port of Sanur, arriving at the port of Sanur you will be picked up by our driver and take you back to your hotel to stay with very memorable memories inside the East Nusa Penida Tour. Below is the price of East Nusa Penida Tour Packages.

What To Bring?

  • Indonesian Money (Rupiah)
  • Sun Cream
  • 100% full power smart phone


Diamond Beach is located in Banjar Pelilit, Panjungutan Village, Nusa Penida Islands, the location is close to the Atuh Beach , while this beach is as beautiful as the beach where it is surrounded by large cliffs and some coral reefs on the beach that make the scenery amazing, many domestic and foreign tourists visit this place to enjoy the beautiful views of the beach or just swim on the beach. To go to the beach steps are taken down to the bottom, not suitable for people with asthma or pregnant people.

Diamond Beach Tourist Attraction in East Nusa Penida
Diamond beach is in the eastern part of the island and just been opened to the public. Over time Diamond Beach has become very popular among foreign and domestic tourists, and some call it the paradise beach of Nusa Penida, because the natural beauty it offers is very pleasing to the eye of the beholder, with white sand, coral rocks and coconut trees on the beach, which is very pleasing to the eye. complete as the paradise beach of nusa penida.. Actually, the beach has been around for a long time because the location is still in one Thousands Islands Area which has other destinations such as the Tree House of Molenteng and Atuh Beach. Many tourists also take advantage of the background of the beauty of the beach from above to be used as a photo spot.

Access to Diamond Beach
the development of tourism in nusa penida islands is growing rapidly, and some tourism sites are made access to the location, like diamond beach, stairs are made to go down to the beach, to make it easier for tourists to go to the beach, the access road down the cliffs of Diamond Beach began to open since 2018. The road was made by local residents by cutting a hill wall 25 meters high. With this stairs, it is very easy for tourists to go to the beach location directly and enjoy the beautiful view of diamond beach and swim here. Down the local stairs requires extra stamina for children and the elderly. According to local residents, before the road access to Diamond Becah was opened, residents were very difficult to get to the shore. Because it is very risky, only the surrounding people dare to go down, usually for fishing. Previously, tourists could only enjoy the scenery of Diamond Beach from the top of a cliff, now it can go down to the shoreline.

History Name Diamond Beach
As the name implies, Diamond Beach presents beautiful views of the cliffs and certainly will spoil your eyes with its panorama. There is a pointed rocky cliff like a diamond, because the shape of the diamond, then the local residents here named this place as Daimond Beach. Besides the rock shapes diamond on this beach lay white sand with clear water, many tourists come here to swim or just take photos with a background of diamond beach. If you visit here you can see a very large rock in the sea, as for this rock if you look at it from the beach it will look like a prism, similar to the shape of a diamond, because the shape of the rock is like a diamond, the locals call it Diamond beach. As the name suggests, this beach is also a diamond that offers incomparable natural beauty, stretches of white sand, cool coastal breezes, coconut trees swaying in the wind as if completing the criteria of a paradise beach.

Swing in Diamond Beach Nusa Penida
Swing activities are very famous and in demand by tourists who visit the island of Bali, and seeing this opportunity, then at diamond beach which is famous for paradise beaches, swing activities are also made, and this swing faces the diamond beach, so while swinging you can see the scenery the beach is very amazingly beautiful. And of course this swing activity is paid, if you want to swing at diamond beach, you need to pay to enjoy the sensation of an incomparable swing. This activity is perfect for those of you who want to do something different during the Nusa Penida tour. The photos produced during the swing are very good, and very suitable for those of you who are photo enthusiasts, because the results of this swing photo are very instagramable, and of course you can also save it as a memory that you have swing at Diamond Beach. Something very unforgettable, the memories of swing here will always be memorable in your heart. so if you visit diamond beach, don't forget to leave a swing trail here, as a sign that you've been swinging on the famous beach in Nusa Penida. For those of you who are afraid of heights and afraid of swings, you can take pictures in the photo spots here, such as a bird nest with a diamond beach background which is very charming.

Transportation to Diamond Beach Nusa Penida
Nusa Penida Island always keeps memorable memories for tourists who visit it and will always make people want to come back to visit, in addition to the very tempting beautiful scenery, the friendliness of the local people and access to tourism sites have been so improved, and many new tourist attractions have been opened. no less beautiful with tourist attractions that have ever existed. As you know to get to the Diamond Beact at Nusa Penida, sea transportation is needed, which is located at the port of Sanur, there are many fast boats that offer services to cross to Nusa Penida, and also in Nusa Penida there are many transportations that offer services to get around Nusa Penida, and there are also many motorbike rentals at the port in Nusa Penida, for those of you who want to Diamond Beach in Nusa Penida using a motorbike, you can use this method, armed with a google map and directions on the road, you can visit tourist objects, but remember it is not recommended For those who are new in motorbikes, because the roads in Nusa Penida are a little extreme, with lots of ups and downs.

Tour Packages to Diamond Beach
For those of you who want to visit the island of Nusa Penida, especially to Diamond Beach , we offer a Bali East Nusa Penida Tour package or also a combination of packages from the west and east in one day Bali West and East Nusa Penida Tour. With the Nusa Penida package which includes transportation from the hotel to the port and vice versa from the port to the hotel, fast boat tickets back and forth, transportation for tours in Nusa Penida and accompanied by a friendly and professional local guide, and also complete with lunch with Indonesian food. So you just need to contact us and say you want a tour to diamond beach and we will prepare everything for you, so you don't have to worry about buying everything separately, because your goal is to vacation for relaxation, not to be busy managing everything, because our goal here is to make it easier for you to visit tourist attractions in Nusa Penida.

Atuh Beach is located in the Banjar Pelilit, Pejukutan Village, Nusa Penida Islands, this beach is very often visited by those who travel to the eastern part of Nusa Penida, this beach offers beautiful views where around the coast is surrounded by high cliffs, and to get to this place you must down the stairs for about 20 minutes, not suitable for those who have asthma and for pregnant people. This object is very popular among domestic and foreign tourists because the scenery offered is very beautiful, this Atuh beach is suitable for those of you who want to swim or sunbathe on the beach

If you visit Atuh beach, here's what you need to know

Atuh Beach Tourist Destination in Nusa Penida
Atuh Beach began to be known as a tourist destination since 2010, especially since the Nusa Penida Festival was held. These beach visits usually increase by as much as 40 percent during holiday periods. At that time, tourists will spend time enjoying the exotic views of this beach.For those who like outbound, Pantai Atuh can be one of the preferred destinations. Since the festival many have seen the beauty of this Atuh beach, and over time this place has become very popular and has become one of the most frequently visited tourism sites in the eastern area of ​​Nusa Penida. It is worthy of being a very favorite tourism site because the scenery offered is so beautiful with white sand and cool breezes making this place very suitable for sunbathing on the beach. And now there are many places to sunbathe on the beach.

History Name Atuh Beach
Not far from the beach, there is a temple called Pura Atuh. This temple is often visited by Hindus communities around Pejukutan and Tanglad villages, especially during the ceremony. In the western part of the temple there are two springs that are still used today by the community. One of these springs is considered sacred, because it is only used for the benefit of custom ceremonies. While the other springs are used by the people around for a variety of living purposes. According to Pelilit Hamlet, I Wayan Satu Nusantara, there is an interesting story behind the occurrence of two springs. It was said that in the dry season, a resident saw a kneeler drinking water under a coconut tree. Later, the night the villagers received a pawisik (wahyu) to set up a springs in the cottage's drinking place. Once traced, it turns out that under the tree there is a spring source. Although the existence of these two fountains is adjacent to the beach, but in fact the water is tasteless. Another uniqueness, the source of the springs has never experienced drought despite the dry season. So, the residents around named the beach with the name of Pantai Atuh. Where the meaning of the word Atuh is derived from the word "A" meaning 'no' and 'Tuh' which means 'dry', so it can be assumed that the word "Atuh" means 'never dry'.

The Uniqueness Atuh Beach
Atuh Beach is located under a cliff and on the right and left there are rock cliffs, making Atuh beach like a very hidden beach. Being flanked by two cliffs will add to the uniqueness of this Atuh beach. Because it is located under a cliff, and access to the beach is very tiring, now the facilities are so good, where to go to the beach there are stairs to go down, it takes a very extra struggle to get to the bottom, for those of you who are not strong enough walking to go down, we suggest not to go down, just enjoy the view of Atuh beach from the view point above. To reach Atuh beach, visitors must walk with coral and limestone tracks for approximately 2 km. During tracking, visitors will be presented with views of the hills to the east and views of the high seas to the west. The charm offered by Atuh Beach is a beach scene that is flanked by cliffs. The clear water allows us to be able to enjoy the beauty of underwater biota, such as coral reefs. At low tide, you will see a collection of corals sticking out on white sand

Tour Packages to Atuh Beach
Atuh beach is located in the eastern area of ​​​​nusa Penida, if you visit the eastern area of ​​​​nusa penida, you can stop by atuh beach to see the uniqueness of this beach and enjoy the cool beach atmosphere with a very beautiful stretch of white sand. In addition to Atuh beach you can also visit the famous Diamond beach, as for the location of this beach not too far from Atuh Beach. If you want to go there, we have the right nusa penida package for you, where besides Atuh beach you can also visit other tourism sites, as for our package, the Bali East Nusa Penida Tour which is specially made to visit the beauty of the tourism site located in eastern area of ​​nusa penida, and if you want to visit the western and eastern areas, you can take the Bali West and East Nusa Penida package. The prices we offer are cheap and affordable with very satisfying service and we guarantee that this trip will be more and more enjoyable. Enjoy a holiday on the island of Bali by visiting Atuh Beach and other tourist attractions located in the eastern area of ​​Nusa Penida

Tree House Molenteng is located adjacent to diamond beach in Nusa Penida, this tourist attraction is very interesting for tourists because of the tree house you will be able to enjoy the beautiful views of the cliffs and the beach. This tree house building is actually very simple. Stand on a tree that has partially cut down the trunk so the house can stand upright. To reach the top of the house, wooden bridges and stairs have been installed to help rise. This Tree House is at an altitude facing directly to Atuh Beach. This location makes the Batu Molenteng Tree House an attraction for tourists who want to visit.

Location Tree House Molenteng
To get to the location of the Batu Molenteng Atuh Area Tree House, it takes a little extra effort. Visitors must walk down a cliff about 50 meters high. To climb these stairs must be very careful because the terrain is very rocky. To help the visitor's journey, a rope has been prepared that can be made to prevent falling. This steep cliff trip is taken about 15 minutes drive from the parking location. The location of this tree house is a bit extreme and challenging, which is located on a tree that is not too big but has many branches and the trees are cut down, leaving little leaves. There is a neatly arranged wooden staircase and mine rope as a handle to make it easier for visitors to enter the tree house.

Tree House Molenteng Instagramable
It's not a building that makes this Molenteng Tree House special, But the scenery and natural beauty that can be witnessed from the top of the tree house. The view that is seen is the expanse of the sea which is very charming. While sitting on the balcony, the view of Atuh Beach can be seen perfectly. In addition to spending a wonderful night at the top of a steep cliff, visitors who come to stay certainly cannot miss the moment when the sun rises. Because when the sunrise is the best view that can be seen with amazement. Taking selfies for Instagram on tree houses is very popular right now, make photos very instagramable. Likewise, what was tried was given by the Molenteng Tree House. Taking a cool spot at Atuh Beach from a height into a photo on your Instagram becomes more interesting.

Tree House Molenteng with Thousands Islands View
If you visit the eastern area of ​​​​nusa penida, this tourist attraction should not be missed because it is very Instagram for you to use as a photo background for you to make memories during your vacation on the island of Bali. This is really very suitable as a tourist attraction that is instagrammable, with a background of rocks and the sea which is very enchantingly beautiful it will make every eye that looks at it be amazed by the beautiful work of nature. Usually, the Molenteng tree house tourism site is magnified with the Thousands Islands View Point, which is located below the Molenteng tree house, just walk little bit and you will see the thousand islands view point, if you visit here you can go down at the Thousands Islands view point to see the view of the coral reefs lined up in the ocean so the local people call it as Thousands islands view point

Tour Package to Tree House Molenteng
As you know, to visit the island of Nusa Penida you need sea transportation, which uses a fast boat and the port departs from Sanur. Here we make it easy for those of you who want to plan to travel to this Molenteng tree house to see the uniqueness and beauty of the natural charm on offer. From the shuttle from the hotel to the port, return fast boat tickets, transportation for tours in Nusa Penida and lunch we summarized into one Bali East Nusa Penida Tour package, here besides the Tree house you can also visit Diamond beach which is famous for its beautiful beaches and tourist attractions. another that is no less interesting and of course the price is very friendly. And if you want to combine tourist attractions in the east and west in one day, maybe you can take this package Bali West and East Nusa Penida Tour, where the objects that are there have been selected from the best and the most popular to visit or to visit. Photographed as a memory on Instagram. Enjoy visiting this very beautiful island of Nusa Penida.

Teletubbies Hill is a tourist attraction in the eastern area of ​​Nusa Penida, where this tourist attraction offers a very beautiful hill view, where the shape of the hill is shaped like hills in teletubbies films with round shapes and green grass, because the shape is similar to the shape of a hill in the teletubbies is film, the locals call this hill the name teletubbies hill. in this place the hill is not just one but there are several hills that are the same shape as the teletubies hill, truly a very beautiful and amazing scenery, suitable as a backdrop of photography. The green grass and cool atmosphere make this trip more enjoyable, Enjoy an incomparable view of the beauty of this place, our driver will always help you capture the moment with the camera in this place.

Location Teletubbies Hill
Teletubbies Hill or Bukit Teletubbies people call it. This teletubbies hill is located in Julingan hamlet, Tangglad village, Nusa Penida. With a very wide location in the hills, where when the rainy season arrives, these hills are very green and very beautiful to the eye, and are perfect as a photo background for those of you who like to capture the moment at every opportunity. This place is very popular among tourists who visit the eastern area of ​​Nusa Penida, many who come here just to take pictures in the green and vast hills. When summer comes, these hills are unsightly because the grass is dry and barren, so if you plan to go here, please come near the rainy season, because the grass will look very green and very fresh. So it's very beautiful to be enjoyed by the eye that looks at it

History Name Teletubbies Hill
Before this hill was called Teletubbies Hill, this hill was called Gamal Hill by the locals here, because on this hill there used to be many Gamal trees that were used by local residents to feed their livestock such as cows, goats and pigs. Many local people work as animal breeders around the area, and come here every day to look for gamal trees to feed their livestock. Once upon a time there was a tourist who came here, while trekking in Nusa Penida, he saw the hills that were green and fertile at that time and took photos and uploaded them on the internet, and many said that they were similar to the hills in the children's film Teletubbies and called this place Teletubbies Hill, so that till now this places famous with name Teletubbies Hill. The name that is very suitable to be carried by Gamal Hill is due to the very wide expanse of hills and the mound of earth and green grass giving it a very beautiful charm.

Hill Shapes Similar Like Teletubbies House
If you look closely, these hills are indeed similar to the Eskimo House and Teletubbies House which are half the size of a ball in the hilly area of ​​Nusa Penida. The area of ​​​​the hills is about 25 km from the port of Kutampi village to the eastern hills, the hills are very wide, with a stretch of green grass that adds to the charm of this hill. It's no wonder that Teletubbies Hill is very famous among tourists visiting the eastern area of ​​Nusa Penida. As for Teletubbies Hill, it is no different from other hills in Nusa Penida, all of which are thin limestone soils, what makes it interesting here is that there are lots of green trees on all of the hill mounds, giving a fresh, natural and soothing impression. The weather here is very hot, and green plants will only grow when the rainy season is coming. So we recommend coming during the rainy season around November to see the greenery of this teletubbies hill

Eastern Tourist Attraction of Teletubbies Hill
If there is no teletubbies TV series, then it is possible that this hill will not be called teletubbies hill but with the name Gamal Hill. Over time, with beautiful natural treats, there are mounds of green hills shaped like the outer shell of a coconut with valleys that add to the beauty of this hill, so the name Teletubbies hill does feel very appropriate to be given, the name becomes more familiar and trendy. As for if you travel to the eastern area of ​​Nusa Penida and say Teletubbies Hill, then everyone will know where it is, because with a very trendy name, this tourist attraction becomes famous. Enjoy the vast expanse of green hills with a cool breeze that will make you feel comfortable, and very suitable for those of you who want to find peace of mind and healing in this place with a natural atmosphere as a remedy for the heart that misses nature

Tour Packages to Teletubbies Hill
If you want to visit Teletubbies Hill, we provide tour packages that are very suitable, besides visiting Teletubbies Hill you can also visit very famous tourist objects such as Diamond Beach, Tree House Molenteng and Atuh Beach, all of these attractions are located in the eastern part of Nusa penida, so when you travel east you can visit this place. The Bali East Nusa Penida Tour packages that we offer are all inclusive which includes a return fast boat ticket to Nusa Penida, shuttle from hotel to harbor, private transportation for tour in Nusa Penida and lunch with Indonesian food. Nusa penida always gives a deep impression to tourists who visit it and makes them want to visit again, we from Bali Tour are ready to take you here to experience the experience of visiting the paradise island of Nusa Penida and see the various unique beaches, hills and temples that are here, Once again, if you are on vacation on the island of Bali, don't forget to visit the enchanting island of Nusa Penida


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  • Welcome drink
  • Transport (Petrol + Driver + Guide) in Nusa Penida
  • Lunch in Resto
  • Entrance all ticket
  • Driver as Guide
  • Retribution Nusa Penida

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  • Alcohol beverage,

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