Tembeling Beach And Forest Tour

One of Nusa Penida’s best-kept secrets is a crystal clear natural sweet water pool on the west side of the island. Tembeling Forest and Beach are one of our favorite things to do on Nusa Penida because it is so different from everything else. The natural pool is mainly occupied by local kids playing and jumping into the pool. There even is a small jumping point.

Tours Destination :

  • Guyangan Waterfalls
  • Tembeling Beach and Forest
  • Banah Clifts
  • Nusa Penida Traditional House
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5 PaxsRp. 550.000 / PaxRp. 425.000 / Pax
4 PaxsRp. 600.000 / PaxRp. 450.000 / Pax
3 PaxsRp. 650.000 / PaxRp. 475.000 / Pax
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1 PaxRp. 1.350.000 / PaxRp. 1.000.000 / Pax

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South Nusa Penida surounding by high clift and tourist objects located in the southern part of the island of Nusa Penida is down to the clift. The newly introduced tour has attracted a lot of attention among foreign and domestic tourists, where the attractions offered on the east Nusa Penida tour are very beautiful and natural. The panorama Nusa Penida in the eastern part of Nusa Penida like Guyangan Waterfalls, Tembeling Beach and forest, Banah Clift and seganing waterfall , all of those panoramas need extra power to explore when you reach all of them feel refreshed during making a holiday in southern Nusa Penida

What To Bring?

  • Swim Suit
  • Sunscream
  • Extra energy Drink


The place is called Guyangan Waterfall or Peguyangan Waterfall on Google Map. It is one of the very beautiful places of Nusa Penida. But if you are expecting a cascade of water falling from the cliff you will be disappointed. The only small waterfall you will see is the overflow pipe of the small water tank in which the pumps come to draw the spring water that will be distributed on Nusa Penida island. Guyangan Waterfall is fairly easily accessible, about 45 minute drive away from Crystal Bay or Toyapakeh.

A giddy descent to Guyangan Waterfall
Guyangan Waterfall is an awesome place and holds its success of three factors. First the blue staircase that goes down along the cliff and allows beautiful pictures. Then, the breathtaking view of the cliffs of Nusa Penida island. And finally, down the stairs and after crossing a small temple, a natural pool sculpted into the rock of the cliff. You can cool off after a descent that could be described as dizzying. And above all you can safely face the waves that break on the edge of the cliff. Guaranteed sensations !

A colorful temple
You will also see downstairs a rather nice temple. Do not forget to take your sarong because otherwise you will have to rent one at the top of the stairs before going down. I am not sure who is represented by the three statues dressed in blue, white and red. But I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with the French flag. If you know more, please tell me in a small comment at the bottom of this article !

Infinity pools built in the cliff
After the temple you will find a succession of small infinity pools built in the cliff. My advice is to leave your smartphones and your stuff before trying to reach them because the stone is very slippy. If you have a waterproof camera or a GoPro take it with you because the photos can be pretty spectacular. Especially if the waves break just in front of you when you are in the last infinity pool, a few meters above the sea level.

Tembeling Beach and Forest is one of the lesser-known spots in Nusa Penida and is quite the adventure if you’re up for it! More than just a beach, you’ll be able to experience the dense Tembeling forest along the way, as well as the natural rock pools.

If Nusa Penida is on your Bali bucket list, we recommend adding Tembeling Beach and Forest to your itinerary. We’ve outlined everything you need to know about Tembeling Beach in this guide, from how to get there and when to go to what to expect when you’re there.

Banah Beach is a beautiful and unique beach. This beach does not have a coastline, from the top of the cliff it directly borders the open sea. The existence of limestone cliffs in the middle of the sea which have holes is the main attraction of this object. Banah Cliff is about 200 meters above sea level. This location is very exotic for selfie spots. But tourists must be careful while on the edge of the cliff, because this tourist object has no boundaries. This tourist object is close to Manta point, so Parimanta fish can be seen clearly from the top of the cliff. The location of Banah Beach on Banah Beach is located in Banjar Salak, Batumadeg Village.

Nusa Penida very popular with dry land and rocky and difficult distribution house material, so that why long time ago many house made from the natural rock, progress by traditional technique . since the ferry transportation start Traditional house Nusa Penida they change to new modern style, and one of the family they has idea to keep the house like it is , the location of the house in Tiagan Village the owner Kak Selip or Kak Gaul , many tourist support his idea and also the student many came to this place learning about the culture


Cost Included

  • Fast boat ticket Sanur – Nusa Penida – Sanur
  • Welcome drink
  • Transport (Petrol + Driver + Guide) in Nusa Penida
  • Lunch in Resto
  • Entrance all ticket
  • Driver as Guide
  • Retribution Nusa Penida
  • Cost Excludes

Cost Excluded

  • Personal expenses,
  • Alcohol beverage,

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Tembeling Beach And Forest Tour
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Tembeling Tour

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